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Free Standing Cabinet are produced with emphasis on aesthetic design, flexibility, sturdy construction and protection for networking and various structured cabling components. Free standing cabinet has versatile racking system, modern looks and economical design that have set a new standard for enclosures, racks.

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Fixed Shelves

We have range of fixed shelves available in sizes suitable for 19'' mountings and different depths. Shelves are vented to assist airflow in the cabinet.

Dimensions (WxD) Suitable Depths Part Number
464mmx450mm 600mm CMC-FS-6
464mmx570mm 800mm CMC-FS-8
464mmx770mm 1000mm CMC-FS-10
Front Mount Shelves

Front mounting shelves are fixed to front mounting columns and are useful for light 19'' wide equipment. Shelves are vented to assist airflow in the cabinet.

Dimenttions-D Part Number
1Ux200mm CMC-FM-1-2
2Ux300mm CMC-FM-1-3
2Ux400mm CMC-FM-2-4
Sliding Shelves

Sliding shelves are provided with telescopic slides for 19'' mountings used for the equipment's requiring frequent access. Sliding shelves are vented to assist airflow in the cabinet/enclosure.

Dimensions (WxD) Suitable Depths Part Number
464mmx450mm 600mm CMC-FS-6
464mmx570mm 800mm CMC-FS-8
464mmx770mm 1000mm CMC-FS-10
Plinth Kits

The plinth increases the overall height of the cabinet by approximately 100mm and allows for easy cable access into the cabinet base via removable trim plates at front and rear. Plinth kits accept castors or jacking feet.

Width(mm) Heigh(mm) Depth(mm) Part Number
600 100 600 CMC-PK-616
600 100 800 CMC-PK-618
800 100 600 CMC-PK-816
800 100 800 CMC-PK-818
Vertical Cable Management Panels

It is available for 800mm cabinets which are fixed to the side of each mounting profile and provide a method for vertical path cord management either in single cabinet or throughout a bay of racks. For better cable management, optional hoops can be used at regular intervals to the panels.

Part Number
22U Cable Management Panels (Pair) CMC-VCM-22
22U Cable Management Panels (Pair) CMC-VCM-27
22U Cable Management Panels (Pair) CMC-VCM-39
22U Cable Management Panels (Pair) CMC-VCM-42
22U Cable Management Panels (Pair) CMC-VCM-47
Mid Mounting Columns

It is fixed between front and rear mounting columns for shelves of various depths to be fitted within the same cabinet.

U Part Number
27 CMC-MMC-27
42 CMC-MMC-42
Rack Mount Fan Tray

19'' rack mounted fan trays are available with 3/6 fan options.

No of Fans Height Part Number
2 Way 1U CMC-RMFT-2
4 Way 1U CMC-RMFT-4
Protomac 1U 19'' Brush Panel

This is used for fitting below patch panels to allow cable entry into the racks which is wide slot. The rear cable support section incorporates holes for securing cables.

1U 19`` Brush Panel CMC-BP-19
Roof Mount Fan Tray

Roof mount fan trays are supplied with 2/4/6 fan options with cable. Fan tray fits into roof space below top cover.

Type Part Number
2 Fan CMC-RFT-2
4 Fan CMC-RFT-4
Mounting kit

It is required for fixing rack equipment to mounting column. Available in pack of 50 sets M6x16 nickel plated screws.

Part Number
Cage Nuts CMC-CM
Power Distribution Unit

Power Distribution Units (PDU's) are available for vertical and horizontal applications, Available with a comprehensive range of socket choice for wall mount/ floor standing cabinets, PDU's is available in 6,8 & 10 sockets.

Type Vertical Horizontal
6 Way PDU-6V PDU-6H
8 Way PDU-8V
10 Way PDU-10V
Cable Managers

A wide range of 19'' horizontal cable management gives a support to the cables for cable management in the cabinets.

Part Number
1U Bar-4 Metal Hoops CMC-CMB-4
1U Bar-5 Metal Hoops CMC-CMB-5
19'' fiber-Optic Splice Boxes

It is used for termination of optical cables in racks. Key Features

Key Features
  • Telescopic and fixed type with 1U height
  • Modular front panels as per requirement
  • Upto 24 Positions for FO Cuplings
  • Cable entry openings in rear part
  • Holes not In use can be covered with blank modules
  • Installation in rack with two sliding holders
  • Installation kit for splice cassettes and inner organizer available
  • Wide range of accessories available
  • Powder coated
Height Width Part Number
3U 300/400 CMC-D3
4U 300/400 CMC-D4
19'' Drawer

It is designed to keep documents or tools sagely. It has built in telescopic slides and adapter brackets to the 19'' mounts. Available in various dimensions and colors of your choice.

Type Width Depth Height Part Number
Telescopic 19'' 320mm 1U CMC-FOB32-T
Telescopic 19'' 250mm 1U CMC-FOB25-T
Fixed 19'' 300mm 1U CMC-FOB35-T
Blank Panels

Blank panels are used to cover the vacant U's. Available in range of sizes and choice of colors.

Type Part Number
10U CMC-BP10
Configuration patch panels

PROTOMAC patch panel offers you all the functionality and compatibility. It has cutouts that accept virtually all snap-in jacks, making the panels perfect for voice/ audio /Ethernet and/ other application.

The clear numbering on the front gives you a quick easy way to identify cable runs. Designed to mount to any standard 19'' relay rack, cabinet or wall bracket.

  • Cusomisation of panel to configure for a variety of connector modules including category 6+ and category 5e+ jacks as well as a wide range of multimedia modules of any brand.
  • Sleek and elegant design and appearance
  • Configurable patch panels provide the ability to use any keystone jacks and keystone inserts to configure your panel t accommodate a variety of schemes.
  • 12,16,24,48 ports
  • Height 1U & 2U
  • 10'', 12'' and 19'' mountings
Wall Mount Frame

PROTOMAC heavy duty wall mount steel frame/brackets are a great alternative to a full size rack whenever minimum space is required. Designed for 10'' and 19'' equipment, can do any customized sizes. Its clean and easy access allows convenient mounting of patch panels and small equipment while it saves floor space. Brackets provide universal mounting for right of left hinging.

  • Easier to mount on any wall orabove false ceiling or beneath raised floor
  • Easier equipment/ cable access
  • Cable can be routed from top, bottom or backside
  • High strength design easily supports heavy loads
  • Metl construction with durable textured powder coating.
  • Wide- 10'', 12'' and 19'' mountings
  • Depths- 125mm, 200mm and 250mm
  • Height- 2U, 4U, 5U and 6U
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