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Free Standing Cabinet are produced with emphasis on aesthetic design, flexibility, sturdy construction and protection for networking and various structured cabling components. Free standing cabinet has versatile racking system, modern looks and economical design that have set a new standard for enclosures, racks.

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FTTH/ONU Cabinets

FTTH / ONU cabinets are the administration and distribution point for voice, fax, data networking, video entertainment, internet access and all other voice / data / video home solutions.

PROTOMAC cabinets are designed as per the specifications of the Telecom Operator ( Etisalat / DU) and also customized as per the requirement of building owner by considering the overall aesthetics looks of the apartment / commercial outlet and maintaining the specifications of Telecom operator.

PROTOMAC cabinets come in two different versions as recessed cabinets and surface mount cabinets and are designed to hold 19" rack mounted equipment.

Material Specifications
Applications Rack Units (U) Width (mm) Height Depth (mm) Part Number
Residential Flush Mount Cabinet ( Recessed Type) 12 600 600 150 CMC-12615-F
Surface Mount Cabinet ( Apartment) 12 600 600 150 CMC-12615-S
New FTTH Cabinet Surface Mount 8 400 400 120 CMC-4412-S
New FTTH Cabinet Flush Mount 8 400 400 120 CMC-4412-F
Surfac Mount Cabinet ( Commercial) 12 600 600 300 CMC-12630
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